Meet the Creator

Cayman Lee Campbell


Cayman Campbell is a multi-platform artist, a mother, a wife and a visionary, that has been creating art her whole life. As a child, her family was in a perpetual state of motion, relocating at least every two years. Throughout all of their travels, in each new town, every funky hotel and long winding road, the one constant was her soul companion – her creativity.

Her imagination stayed with her everywhere she went, and she found comfort and healing in the release that artistic expression could provide. After attending 4 high schools in 3 states, Cayman majored in fine art at Prescott College in Arizona. From there, her calling brought her to North Carolina, where she worked in marketing with Vietri, a renowned Italian pottery company.

In 1996, Cayman moved to Boulder, Colorado, which would end up being a life-long love affair. She worked for years as the visual director for what was then known as the Boulder Arts and Crafts Cooperative, before running off with Casey, an Eldora ski bum who would become her husband. They married in Estes Park and returned to North Carolina soon after to pursue further education and to raise their 3 beautiful children.

She continued to create pieces professionally, eventually focusing solely and compassionately on philanthropic endeavors, donating both her talents and time throughout North Carolina and beyond. But, after several years of yearning, the Campbell family eventually returned to Boulder, the only place that ever truly felt like home. And after 7 years of exploring her passions in the environment that ignited them in the first place, Cayman could not be happier about the decision. She has opened studio32nobo and is filling it with music and art from all over the country, while at the same time exploring new methods for igniting a human connection through her pieces.